Mary Alice "Mollie" Westneat

Mollie Westneat was the second of Alfred Alexander and Jane Courtney Westneat's children.  Mollie was born in 1884 in South Yarra, Victoria.  It is known that Mollie married --------  Albright and lived most of her adult life in the Sacramento and Oakland California area. 


There is, however, an interesting item that has just recently come to light.  The Victoria police have recently made public many of their records from the last century. One item in these records is as follows:

  SMITH, S.L., accountant, of Sacramento, California, USA wrote in 1915, enclosing 2 photos of James H. WARD and wife Mary Alicia WESTNEAT, married there in 1911.  She was from Melbourne.  Writer suspects Ward already had a wife in Melbourne, and the pair have run off together.  Police ask the reason for the enquiry; no response.  2 pages.

Mollie was in contact with the other branch of the Westneats on the East coast of the united States over the years and was visited by many members of Arthur Sheridan Westneat's descendants.

Any additional information would be most helpful.