Alfred William Westneat 

Alfred William Westneat was the oldest child of Thomas Arthur Westneat and Annie Moore Westneat.  He was born in 1888 and married Ivy M. J. Meale in 1913.  Alfred and Ivy had two children, Marjorie A Westneat and Mavis O. Westneat 

   Later, in 1925 Alfred W. Westneat married Ebe Greenstreet.  They had one birth child, Thomas Alfred Westneat. Alfred adopted Ebe's three children.  Alfred died in 1964



Children:  (Ivy Meale Westneat)

    Marjorie A Westneat Johnson

    Mavis O. Westneat



               (Ebe Greenstreet)

    William Eric Edward Westneat

    Claude James Westneat

    Maisie Ebe Jean Westneat

    Thomas Alfred Westneat