Rupert Lincoln Westneat

Rupert Lincoln Westneat was the oldest child of Charles Barham Westneat and Adeline Eliza Westneat. Rupert was born on 17 November 1909 in Prahran, Victoria. Very little is known of Rupert and his life or family. He married Eileen Barston.


It is unknown if he was married before or after he enlisted in the Australian Army. On his service records he lists Ada Westneat as his next of kin. Rupert enlisted in Melbourne on 20 March 1940.  He was discharged from the Army with the rank of gunner on 18 September 1945. He was attached to the 2/2 Field Regiment at the time of his discharge. Rupert was a Prisoner of War at the end of World War II.


Rupert died at the Brierly Mental Hospital in Warrnambool of Cerebral Arteriosclerosis with recurrent Cerebral Thrombosis on 25 February 1969.  Rupert had been a patient at the hospital for a number of years having been judged to be mentally incompetent. 


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Inquest Documents into the Death of Rupert Lincoln Westneat 25 February 1969

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