John Francis Carrig

John Francis Carrig  is the second child of Frank and Dorothy Carrig.  John was born on -------, 1945 in -----------.  He was married on  ---------------  to Dale Frances. 

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After 10 years in the manufacturing business, John taught Metallurgy and Manufacturing at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology for the next 27 years. Then, "retiring" with the gold watch, John joined CIRSO,  a national R&D organization of ~6000 employees. (Mostly scientists and engineers). John is engaged in fairly pragmatic industrially focused R&D in the casting of Aluminum and Magnesium as well as initial work with Titanium. He and Dale had two sons.

John is now married to Elaine Joy Rees.  Elaine is an Art and Ceramics teacher with a background as a guide leading tours and treks into Nepal and Kashmir.

John and Elaine have three children and live in Heidleburg, Victoria.


Children: (Dale)

Ned Francis Carrig 

Luke John Carrig


Children: (Elaine)

Christopher James Carrig

Anna James Carrig

Amy Louise Carrig