Mabel Edith Westneat Cookson (Hocking)

Mabel Edith Westneat was the 6th and last child of William Sheridan Westneat and Priscelia Luce Westneat, born in 1884. She grew up and remained in the family home with Malvina in Prahran. She married Frederick Cookson in 1905.  Frederick was born in 1876 in New Zealand and was the son of Roland Henry Cookson and Mary McMahon.  Shortly after their marriage, Frederick and Edith moved to New Zealand to settle.

Lillian Westneat Carrig, Malvina Westneat Lincoln, Edith Westneat Cookson

Frederick died in Northcote, New Zealand in 1942.  Edith remarried  ----  Hocking.


Edie Cookson ca 1960 and 1964


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Transcriptions of 1955 letters



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Handwritten letter from 1957



Edith died in New Zealand in 1969.  



John Henry "Jack" Cookson

Freda May Cookson Clark

Dorothy Evelyn Cookson Thomson

Arthur Clifford Cookson