Malvina Mary Westneat Lincoln

Malvina Mary Westneat was the oldest of William Sheridan Westneat and Priscelia Luce Westneat's children.  Known to the family as Minnie, she was born in 1874.  Minnie was 17 when her mother died and as oldest, she took over the operation of the household.  During the years that followed, Minnie had two children who died shortly after they were born.  There is evidence that she may have had a third child, but to date, there is no proof.

By 1899, she was the owner of the family house at 29 King Street. Living there was both her sisters, Lillian and Mabel as well as her brother Billy.

Minnie is remembered by family members as a strong but kind and resolute person who became the strength of the family after the death of Priscelia.

In 1916, Minnie married James Lincoln, but the had no children. She died in 1926 at the age of 52.

Lillian Westneat Carrig, Malvina Westneat Lincoln, Edith Westneat Cookson                  Malvina Westneat  ca: Unknown