Ephraim Westneat 

Little is known about Ephraim Westneat. Ephraim was the second son of William and Mary Ann Miller Westneat. Ephraim was baptized on 1 Jun 1817 in Bourn, England and was the first to have the name written in the modern "Westneat" spelling. In 1839, at the age of 22, Ephraim was convicted of the crime of "embezzlement" and transported to Australia aboard the "Maitland" in 1840 for a term of 7 years.

Incarceration apparently did not appeal to Ephraim as he "absconded" after 9 months only to be re-captured. He was released as a free man on 13 July 1846. http://www.records.nsw.gov.au/indexes/convicts/cf/introduction.htm  (search: Westneat  Ephraim)

It is not known if at any juncture, Ezra or Ephraim communicated at all. Ephraim served his time in New South Wales being released in 1846.  It was 3 years later that Ezra arrived in Victoria. At this point in time there was a Gold Rush in Victoria which may very well have brought Ephraim to the Melbourne area.

There are no records of Ephraim ever having a wife, family or owning property. We last hear of Ephraim when he dies is Alexandra, Victoria, about 100Km north of Melbourne.  He was know in Alexandra as a rather strange recluse, wearing the skins of local animals.  Ephraim came into the hospital complaining of pain. They did a surgery and it seemed to remedy the problem but Ephraim died the next day May 5, 1881.

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Alexandra, Victoria 1912         Death Inquiry