Charles Barham Westneat

Charles Barham Westneat was the 4th child of William Sheridan Westneat and Priscelia Luce Westneat. Charles was born in 1880 and was also the youngest of the three boys. Very little is known of Charles and his life or family. He married Adeline Eliza Burns (b. 1885) on 22 April 1909 (Rev H.C. Joyce performing)

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Charles and Adeline Westneat

It it thought that they had at least 2 children and that they may have adopted a third child, believed to be Grace.  

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Lucy and Grace Westneat

When Charles died in 1938 at the age of 58, he was living in Wangaratta, Victoria, a small town about 200 Km northeast of Melbourne. (Wangaratta Cemetery Bap 83 N)

Adeline died in Wagaratta in 1960.



  Rupert Lincoln Westneat

  Lucy Alice Westneat

  Grace Westneat